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Why Russian
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Why Russian

Russian is a powerful and influential language for businesses wanting to explore growth opportunities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other regions where the Slavic language is widely spoken. With more than 260 million speakers globally, it has become one of the world’s most spoken languages. At present, it also holds an official language status in several international bodies, including the United Nations. With its prominence and influence in the business world, the Russian language can be your tool in expanding your network to larger markets.

Who we are

Russian Call Center is an expert provider of bilingual call center solutions that can be delivered in either English or Russian. Operating from the Philippines, the United States, and Taiwan, we have gathered the best outsourcing resources that can hasten the expansion of your international business in regions where the Russian language is used. Our goal is to make sure that your business is capable of meeting the demands of your diverse customer base.

What we can do for you

Impressing your customers is what we specialize in. Russian Call Center can be your go-to outsourcing provider if you need language-specific customer service and technical support solutions. We commit to ensuring that our call center solutions match the specific business needs that you want to be addressed. We currently deliver Russian customer support using three channels: phone, live chat, and email. Outsourcing any of these services to us will also give you access to the high quality resources, including workforce and technologies.

Where we can take you

Partnering with us can be your first step in making your customer service globally competitive. The ability to interact with customers in their preferred language can be your key to staying ahead of the competition. We can give you the best call center agents who are proficient in speaking and writing in both Russian and English. Our agents are also required to undergo language and cultural training sessions to make sure that they can connect effectively with your customers. With improved customer engagement, your business can earn a stronger reputation, customer loyalty, and ultimately, bottom line growth.