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About Us

Russian Call Center is a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm that specializes in customer care solutions delivered via the three most popular support platform today: phone, email, and live chat. Operating from our American and Asian sites, we aid businesses in providing ceaselessly available points of contact between them and their Russian-speaking customers.

Seeing how the Russian language is prominently spoken by millions around the world, we address the need of companies aiming to introduce themselves to the European market and instill long-lasting loyalty among their audience.From the management practices and recruitment process, down to the training modules of our native-speaking agents, Russian consumer knowledge is applied in order to suit our services well with your target customers’ preferences.

We see our company as the bridge connecting you to the dynamic Russian market through our solutions uniquely designed to fit this demographic’s need. This is in line with our continuous growth and exploration of the different BPO areas to uphold our reputation of being an all-in-one stop for customer service outsourcing needs. Currently catering to up-and-coming enterprises and Fortune 500 brands, we in Russian Call Center welcome more partners into our growing community.