4 Multilingual outsourcing services every brand needs

Russia has had its fair share of economic challenges during the previous years, but recent data show that it’s still one of the most powerful emerging markets in the world. This makes Russia an ideal business location for entrepreneurs looking to capture new consumer sectors.

Brands planning to set up shop in Russia will benefit from its highly educated population, rich natural resources, and a strong financial system. This means that almost all the resources your organization might need are already here. However, you do need to complement this with business strategies that would appeal to Russian consumers.

To build strong customer relations with this sector, the first thing you have to do is to speak their language. You’ll instantly have this capability if you partner with a multilingual call center. Here are the four outsourcing services that would help you penetrate this diverse market.


1.     Multichannel customer service

smiling female call cener agent answering phone call

These days, empowered consumers want a lot of things from brands, such as speed, flexibility, and responsiveness. As a response to these evolving demands, most contact centers now offer multichannel customer support. This allows brands to be present via several channels, including the phone, email, SMS, and social media.

Aside from a multichannel presence, however, international brands must be able to speak the language of their customers. This way, you can better understand your customers and lessen the possibility of running into arguments. Both of these are ingredients of effective communication, which would then let you build trust and loyalty among your market.


2.     Telemarketing

customer service agents busy at work

Telemarketing services are a must-have for all expanding enterprises. Often, all you need to do increase your sales is to nudge customers into a purchase. The outsourcing provider you’ll be teaming up with must therefore have agents who can market your products and services to prospective consumers. Plus, they should be able to converse with customers in the language they know. This will help telemarketers appear more trustworthy and reliable.


3.     Content moderation

office workers busy at work

All brands spend a great deal of time marketing their services online. That’s why it’s important for them to be able to monitor and manage their online reputation.

However, this task is becoming all the more challenging. For one thing, consumers can easily post reviews or comments about brands through social media and review websites. Some of these feedbacks can harm a company’s image, especially if customers’ accusations are false. And for another, a company’s website and social profiles may be infested by spam links, indecent texts and images, hate speech, and other inappropriate types of content.

In any case, expert content moderators can help you clean up your online presence. It’s even better if you have a multilingual team of moderators. That way, they can watch out for improper user-generated content that were written in foreign languages.


4.     Tech support

middle aged office employee using laptop wearing headset

Helping your customers solve a highly technical issue is already a difficult task. The problem, however, becomes even more taxing when your tech support agents and customers can’t understand one another fully because of lingual gaps. Therefore, the call center you’ll be partnering with must have a team of multilingual tech-savvy agents. As a business strategy, this can instantly enhance the quality of your tech support services, letting you optimize the customer experience.



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