5 Factors to consider in choosing your customer service provider

Entrusting your customer service unit to an offshore company requires meticulous screening. This is needed to ensure that your Russian customers across the globe get the best type of customer experience they deserve from supporting your business.

To help you identify who among your prospects can focus on your clients and provide the kind of assistance that fits Russian market demands, here are the key decision-making factors you need to consider:


1.     Specialization


Choosing a vendor that understands the industry you’re in is a plus. They must have a working knowledge about your products and services to make agreements and transactions easier. This lessens the possibility of stress and frustrations from arising along the way. Also, their experience in handling accounts with a similar nature of business as yours can pave way for suggestions that can improve your business process.


2.     Business objectives


The goals and values of your offshore partner must be in line with your company. This is important so that the alliance can turn into a powerhouse that can put your business on top of the consumers’ minds. Sharing the same target with another firm also ensures commitment in reaching goals.


3.     Cultural compatibility


Having similar, if not the same, language and culture are needed so that your customers won’t feel alienated while speaking with agents. It’s important that they’re fluent Russian speakers, as most people are more comfortable in detailing their problems if done in their native language. This way, they’re able to communicate properly and address their needs without a hint of intimidation.


4.     Frequency of training


Training sessions are important in considering your service provider. The frequency and quality can tell you how much they value honing and developing their employees to improve their customer service skills. Not only should they provide training for language, they must also shape their interpersonal and communication skills to enhance their conversations with your clients.


5.     Management records


It’s wise to search for reviews or testimonials that tell you about your prospects’ past deals and clients they’ve handled. Some of the things you can take note of are the turnover rates and their years in the business. This can be time-consuming if you’re eyeing long established firms. New companies, on the other hand, may not have a lot of credentials to show yet, but they might still be at par with those with who have been in the business for years. Just make sure that their records check all the boxes in your list of criteria.


Spend time and consider these factors before you choose your offshore vendor that can provide excellent customer service. What other factors do you have in mind before considering a service provider?



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