5 Things to consider before outsourcing your services

More and more brands are starting to outsource some of their non-core processes, such as customer service, marketing, and other back office functions. Outsourcing lets enterprises cut costs, expand their market reach, or instantly gain new capabilities. Like other business ventures, however, this requires careful planning.

Before finalizing your deal with a call center or other types of external service providers, every aspect of the project must be well thought out. This will allow you to dodge future problems that may arise.

Here are the main things you need to consider before handing over some of your operations to a third-party vendor.


1.     Cheap isn’t always the best choice.

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One of the best advantages of outsourcing is that it allows brands to cut costs. Although you may be tempted to go for the vendor that offers the cheapest services, always consider the quality of their performance. In the long run, poorly delivered services can cost you even bigger sums of money. Aside from the cost, other factors to consider are the vendor’s resources and capability to handle the tasks you require.


2.     Consider the cultural differences.

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As you plan to outsource your services, keep in mind that you may encounter cultural differences when dealing with your provider. If you’re looking for a call center, take note of its employees’ capability to speak the language you need and adhere to your customers’ time zone. You should also check if the organization’s values match your company’s culture.


3.     Establish clear communication strategies.

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Communication is an essential aspect of a successful business partnership. It allows both parties to update one another about the most important things that directly affect performance. Therefore, you must think about how to communicate effectively with your vendor. Would you visit their office frequently? How about video conferences, phone calls, or emails? As you explore these modes of communication, think about the schedule of meetings and costs.


4.     Build an in-house quality control team.

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Having an in-house quality control team will let you monitor your provider’s performance closely. This ensures that they’re adhering to your standards and protocols. Although your outsourcing provider can assess their own performance, an in-house team gives you more control over the caliber of your customer service and other processes.


5.     Be meticulous with the contract.

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Before you sign an outsourcing deal, closely study everything that it contains. See if it sufficiently covers the service level agreements, quality monitoring methods, costing, sanctions, rewards, and service termination. Make sure to have a law practitioner take a look at the document. Ideally, this is someone who has previously worked with outsourcing companies.



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