5 Traits to look for when hiring bilingual call center agents

The customer service industry has created millions of jobs for people around the world. It’s a booming industry and is sought after by many jobseekers.

Therefore, the challenge for managers and recruiters is finding the people that best fit their company’s culture and are capable of meeting their standards. It’s no longer enough that the candidate sounds good over the phone or knows the language your customers speak. With a lot of applicants to choose from, here are some traits to look for when searching for your next contact center agent.


1.     Attention to detail

customer service rep focused on work in call center

Listening to several customers per day is difficult enough. Solving all their problems can also be a pain. And in such interactions, an agent might find it hard to focus and thus miss some details discussed. To solve your customers’ problems, your customer support agents must have keen attention to detail—no matter how minute the detail is—to ensure fast and effective issue resolution.


2.     Cultural sensitivity

Your bilingual contact center agents must be familiar with their customers’ culture. They must know the cultural sensibilities of the person they are talking to. That way, there won’t be any misunderstanding during the customer service interaction. Furthermore, cultural awareness fosters trust between brands and customers.


3.     Organizational skills

office worker multitasking office work

Hire agents with good organizational skills and who can juggle different tasks at the same time. Your employees must be effective at multitasking, as they won’t just be manning the phone lines. They must handle post-call duties as well, write reports, or take on additional projects. By hiring employees who can handle several responsibilities at once, you can boost productivity without sacrificing the quality of your outputs.


4.     Grace under pressure

Agents have to beat deadlines, meet their daily quota, deal with irate customers, and create post-call reports every day. These arduous tasks often cause burnout or breakdown among employees. Despite these frustrations, it’s important that your workers can remain calm in a high-stress environment.


5.     Creativity

male call center rep smiling brightly in office

The ability to come up with creative solutions for customers’ concerns is a must for call center agents. They must be able to go impromptu when conversing with customers, as this adds a personal touch to the interaction and facilitates a naturally flowing conversation.

There are plenty other qualities a call center agent must possess in order to deliver the best customer service. However, if a candidate has these five qualities, then they have the makings of a good support rep. Keep these in mind when looking for a new agent to fill your team.



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