Capture global markets by partnering with Russian Call Center

As the demand for multilingual customer support continues to rise, Russian Call Center takes the initiative in delivering business solutions that are designed to bridge the gap between businesses and the European market.


The Russian language is undeniably a powerful language for businesses planning to expand to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and other parts of the world where the Slavic language is used. Our bilingual call center services can therefore be your key to captivating the rich Russian-speaking market.

At present, we offer voice and non-voice customer support solutions, which can be delivered using phone, live chat, and email. These services are guided by time-tested quality assurance strategies to make sure your outsourced multilingual support solutions are constantly evaluated and improved.

We also have a rich pool of highly proficient bilingual professionals who can serve as your customer support representatives. Our recruitment and agent training procedures ensure that your call center agents have the language and cultural proficiency needed by your Russian-speaking customer base.


Partnering with us can be your way of upgrading your customer service and technical support platforms. While we take care of your ancillary services, you can focus on your core business functions, such as marketing and business expansion. At very affordable rates, our outsourcing packages can guarantee you the best call center resources, including technologies, facilities, and processes.

With optimized communication platform between you and your Russian customers, higher customer satisfaction, stronger sales performance, and smoother business expansion are within your reach. Global competitiveness can be yours by outsourcing to Russian Call Center. Let us build the bridge that will give your business greater reach through outstanding customer support.



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