How call centers can benefit from gamification

Call center performance is measured using metrics. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to identify the strongest and weakest areas of your company’s performance. These KPIs include average handle time, first call resolution, and customer satisfaction.

Of course, you want to get the highest numbers in each KPI. To help you with this, you should consider gamification as a strategy to improve your team’s productivity.

Gamification defined

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Gamification is the process of integrating game mechanics into an organization’s business processes with the goal of improving performance. With this approach, agents will feel more engaged and motivated in hitting performance targets—similar to how players aim to win games.

This gaming-inspired strategy fosters a healthy competition among agents while making the job more engaging. When used in call centers, KPI targets serve as goals that agents must hit. For example, an agent that scores the highest first call resolution rate gets a reward. This may be in the form of free lunch, discount coupon, cash, or a movie pass—any prize that you think will motivate employees.

At certain occasions, contact centers may also rank their agents and reward the top three or five performers. Agents who beat their previous records may also be given a reward, depending on their performance.

Benefits of gamification

Introducing game elements into the workplace can reduce attrition, as it increases employee engagement. Specifically, these are the benefits of gamifying your contact center.


1.     Increases productivity

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Gamification encourages agents to perform their best as they compete with one another to score the highest points or top the rankings. Essentially, it increases agents’ productivity as they try to fulfill their objectives for the day. It keeps employees productive throughout the day and ensures that they’re on track in hitting their daily performance goals.


2.     Creates a balance between work and play

call center agents having coffee in paper cubs taking break

Call centers are often perceived as a strict and stressful workplace. By gamifying your strategies, you can eliminate this stereotypical perception and establish a better branding of your company. Moreover, gamifying your contact center allows agents to enjoy their everyday work and lessen the effects of work-related stress.


3.     Allows for easier performance assessment

call center quality assuarand analyst at the office

Gamification can provide you a better view of your agents’ performance. By seeing who’s succeeding in the games, you can easily identify the agents who have the potential for key roles in the company. In line with that, you can also identify those who need extra support to better hit performance targets.



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