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Russian Call Center is a trusted provider of voice and non-voice customer support solutions for businesses that are expanding to Russian-speaking markets. The ability to provide assistance to customers in their native tongue can be your springboard to global success. With our bilingual call center, live chat, and email support services, you can connect better with your customers and stay ahead of the competition.


Customer Service – Secure solid customer loyalty by providing service that matches your Russian customers’ culture and communication practices. Russian Call Center can provide you the best call center resources, including workforce and technologies. With decade-long experience in the outsourcing industry, we can empower your business to not only give language-specific customer service, but also one that can surpass international standards.

Technical Support – Technical issues faced by customers often require meticulous solutions and complicated explanations. Since language barriers can worsen the problem or add confusion when fixing it, we train bilingual agents to perform the task of providing step-by-step instructions to your customers. We provide technical support in either English or Russian so that the technical concerns of your valued concerns can be given efficient resolutions.


Email – Email customer support remains to be a popular platform of choice among businesses, because it can secure complete and clear information relay through written text. In this format, customers have enough time to comprehend instructions or save them for future reference. If you intend to multichannel your customer service, adding email to your list of communication channels is a great way to start.

Live Chat – Provide real-time assistance to your customers by adding a live chat feature on your website. This can also be a great way to initiate conversations when site guests are taking too much time on certain pages or sections. Russian Call Center’s 24/7 live chat customer support can pave way for efficient, proactive, and cost-effective assistance for your customers.